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Welcome to JSES !

Introduction to Jyoti Sec. Eng. School

Education is the backbone need for the total empowerment of every human being.Without strong foundation of education, it is almost impossible for the new generation to enter the world of today's professional competition. Based on this conclusion, Jyoti Sec. Eng School was founded in 2043 BS (1986 AD) to provide children with standard education. The school has its own building equipped with all the facilities required for the effective teaching and learning.

Message Form the Principal

Warm Regards To All Parents

This is an invitation for you and your family to visit us and experience the Jyoti Sec. Eng School (JSES). The school is managed by highly professional, trained educators and experts. There is an extremely happy and relaxed family atmosphere, and every child is given a sense of belongingness. A caring classroom allows learning to flow in both directions. Teachers and students can explore together the respect for one another that is essential to sustain group life.

News & Events