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JSES  aims at bringing out the talent and potentialities by activating the dormant faculties of a learner. Extra and co-curricular activities facilitate the anticipated aim. The school has arranged adequate facilities for academic activities as well indoor and outdoor sports suitable for growing children. Guided co-curricular activities such as Drama, Story-telling, Specialized Writing, Music and Dance, Drawing and Painting, Pottery, Quiz and Debate, Spelling and Poem Recitation are conducted on a regular basis under expert supervision. In addition to this the students play and participate in different games and tournaments.

House Division : AIS students are not only involved in extra and co-curricular activities rather participate in various academic and non-academic competitions. In order to promote healthy competition and sound mental and physical growth, the students, right from the very Kindergarten to Grade Five, are divided into four houses. We believe that these activities and competitions are vital to instill in the students the quality of leadership and belongingness as the houses are headed by the students themselves as House Captains and Vice-Captains under the guidance and supervision of House Teachers.
Name of the House : Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow

Educational Tours : Excursions (Educational Tours) are highly recommended to enrich the mental growth of children. The tours help students make observation, take interview with the local residents and the concerned people or authorities and collect data. Later, they prepare the report and present to the fellow students through Multimedia.
The entire process helps the students to enhance their skills of making observation, collecting data, talking and interviewing people, putting things in systematical order, preparing report and presenting in mass and above all it helps develop their leadership quality.  

Cultural Programs : Our students make their presentation of cultural show in front of our parents and guardians. and on the occasion of the closing of winter camp which added flavor to the program. We believe that such programs enable students to express themselves fearlessly and they develop the quality of overcoming shyness and hesitation, thus consolidating their leadership quality.

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