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Transportation :    

The school has made the transportation facility available to those students who come from distant places and have difficulty in commuting to and from school. Transportation within Budhabare VDC is available at a subsidized rate. The routes are allocated for convenience of all the students and to save time for pick-up or drop; bus service is available on major roads only. The School makes sure that the transport service runs without fail to pick-up students at pre-defined points.

Communication :

>> Students may use the School address for correspondence.

>> Students are allowed to use the telephone only on emergency. Parents/guardians, relatives and friends should phone students on urgent need or emergency cases only.

>> Except for Parents and Guardians, no other persons are allowed to meet students during the class hours. For others to meet students, a written permission from Parents is required.

Lunch & Refreshments :          

We provide our students nutritious and healthy food in the lunch, keeping in view the need of mentally and physically growing children. The students also get refreshment at a certain interval as a supplementary diet. Our kitchen and the dining hall are well maintained and have the provision for cooking and serving meals. We have hired a professional chef (cook) for the purpose, which has experience of working with star-ranking hotels.

Medical Attention:    

We are very attentive towards our students’ activities inside and outside of their class-rooms. However, minor accidents take place sometimes as we cannot fully control the growing age children. As for this purpose, immediate first-aid care is taken. We have the provision of infirmary for immediate medical attention.


Reading is the best way to extend and broaden one’s learning. We subscribe periodical magazines and newspapers and purchase books regularly. We will have a well-set library from the coming academic session.

Computer & Multimedia Hall:    

The rapid and sophisticated development in Information Technology has made world very small what we call a ‘global village’. Therefore, we understand the present and future need of making our students competent to stand in the global arena. As such, we have introduced Computer but not limited to a discipline or a subject, rather our students make optimum use of computer as a means of learning.
Our students also use to browse and surf on the Internet to explore and extend their class-rooms learning. We have plans to make an e-mail account available to all of our students from Grade Four onwards and encourage them to exchange their views and ideas with the students of national or international schools.

Progress Report:

  1. It is mandatory for parents or guardians to collect the Progress Reports personally .
  2. Progress Reports of all Term Examinations and Sent-up will only be given to the parents/guardians. They are welcome to meet and discuss with the respective subject teachers and the Principal on the performance of their wards.

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