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Education is the backbone need for the total empowerment of every human being. Without strong foundation of education, it is almost impossible for the new generation to enter the world of today's professional competition. Based on this conclusion, Jyoti S.E.B. School was founded in 2043 BS (1986 AD) to provide children with standard education. The school has its own building equipped with all the facilities required for the effective teaching and learning.

Jyoti S.E.B. School offers a quiet environment for the learners. It is strategically located at the heart of Budhabare VDC .Its convenient location makes for easy access to all parts of Budhabare VDC. The mission of Jyoti S.E.B. School is to provide standard education to its children.

The academic administration maintains a very strict discipline within the school compound with the intention of refining and implanting indispensable personality development. Defined policy and procedures are in place to ensure proper school discipline.

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